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About US

Half Hood Half Holistic is a holistic wellness business, creating space for the healing of Black individuals, couples and families. Using a mind, body and spirit approach, Half Hood Half Holistic makes space for your to show up as a whole person. Somewhere in between soul food, meditation, therapy and trap music is where healing lies. Half Hood Half Holistic has 5 major arms-- "Direct Services", "Community Engagement", "Consultation", "Apparel & Products" and "Trainings/Certifications". No matter where you land, we hope that you find healing that fits for you. Come for the vibes, stay for the healing!

What Services Do We Offer?

Carrying values of excellence & integrity, Half Hood Half Holistic offers a large array of holistic wellness services. And if we don't offer it, we will send you to someone who can. Please note that although we are currently located in Upstate, NY many services can be offered remotely.  Please visit our services page to learn how you can continue your healing journey. 

"Come get this healing!"

-@jewelthegem (instagram influencer)


Where Can You Find Us?

Instagram (@halfhoodhalfholistic

 Facebook (Half Hood Half Holistic)

Meet the founder

I am Rachel Johnson-- the daughter of Hiram Johnson Jr. and the mother to a bunch of plant babies. Really, I am a young woman born in Upstate, NY that has a mission to bring accessible healing into the Black Community. I went to school and received my Bachelor's degrees in both Social Work and Child & Family Studies-- and then, just like the nerd I am-- I continued my graduate studies to get my Master's in both Social Work and Marriage Family Therapy. Although, that was an enriching and expensive experience, I came out of school feeling like I was lacking so much information about healing the Black community. It just wasn't enough. So in true nerd form, I dedicated myself to learning anything and everything I could about different holistic healing modalities and supports. As I continue this never ending journey, I know that we need healing now. And we don't need it to be "culturally sensitive"... we need it to representative of our actual culture. By the culture. For the culture. 


My goal is to provide access to tools to assist on ones healing journey. I center the Black community around everything I do, 'cause whew chile we are tired. I believe wholeheartedly in the essence of duality-- that you can present your Cardi B. self and Solange self in every space you're in, especially healing. I wish to create a space where you can be your whole self because true healing involves the whole person. Hence, Half Hood Half Holistic.

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